Goliath: The Best Hypercoaster in California!
Goliath was not on the rollercoaster tour because it just opened in the year 2000. I am reviewing Goliath due to the many requests from other fellow rollercoaster enthusiasts. I will use the same rating scale as I did on the tour and make a placement to where Goliath would be on my top list had it been opened on the tour.
Last time I rode Goliath, I noticed a slight change in the brake block you go through. The train slows down but not so hard. This is all Goltiath needed to be the ride I expected.

The 25 seconds of intensity goes up to 45 seconds in fact the G force pull at the end is by far the best I have ever experienced. I came back to the station blown away totally. I know the brakes which no longer jerk you around are needed. I can imagine a few faint of heart riders coming back out cold. I wish Six Flags would not use the brake block. Six Flags, however, is not looking to knock people out unconscious, they simply want you to be blown you away. Now you get about 5+ Gs. Maybe there should be an Extreme Night where we not use the block of brakes and just go over that hill. I am sure you'll hit 6+ Gs. The Texas Tornado boasts 6.5. Let's go for 6.6 or 6,.7 !!
A few specs:

Maximum Height:225 feet
Maximum Drop:   255 feet
Maximum Speed: 85 mph
Track Length:4500 feet
Rating    9.0/10
Goliath is my 417th rollercoaster I have ridden and it is currently number 8 on my All Time Best Rollercoaster List that would place Goliath way after all other rollercoasters of its kind.

This also makes Goliath the 2nd best rollercoaster in California, and 2nd best in Southern California.

I rode Goliath with the attitude that the ride quality would beat the Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Hulk still rules over Goliath!
Note: The line goes fast, however if the line goes out of the ride entry way, you are better off waiting until the line dies down. Even if you wait 2 hours to ride Goliath, it's well worth it.