If you are looking for the best rollercoaster ride in the world look no further than Six Flags Xtreme Park now Six Flags Magic Mountain, home for the one-of-a-kind X! This coaster is awesome. The first drop will take your breath away. There is simply nothing else like X in the world.  In fact the only way you can beat this is by jumping out of a plane and freefall for a few hundred feet before pulling your parachute.

X is the first ride I have been on that beat the Hulk! The Hulk has had the title of best ride for more than 2 years. It's about time the title changed, Deja Vu is another top notch rollercoaster in the world. I place it right  at number eight as in the world. Of course without a doubt, Deja Vu is the best boomerang rollercoaster in the world.

Currently the top 15 list goes as follows:

X  (gone forever)                Six Flags Magic Mountain
X2 (replaced X)                 Six Flags Magic Mountain
Incredible Hulk                    Islands of Adventure
California Screamin'          Disney's California Adventure
Raging Bull                         Six Flags Great America
Superman Ride of Steel   Six Flags Darien Lake
Magnum XL 200                Cedar Point
Dueling Dragons                Islands of Adventure
Goliath                                 Six Flags Magic Mountain
Deja Vu                               Six Flags Magic Mountain
Mamba                                Worlds of Wonder
Apollo's Chariot                  Busch Gardens
The Beast                            Paramount's Kings Island
Shivering Timbers              Michigan's Great Adventure
Ghostrider                           Knott's Berry Farm
Tremors                               Silverwood Park

X , Goliath, Deja Vu are the best  the first, eighth and ninth best rides respectively out of the 430 rides I  have ridden. Keep it up Six Flags! You can make comments in the guest book and tell me what you think about X and Deja Vu!

If you ride  Deja Vu, get in line early as the wait for Deja Vu can be as long as 4 hours! That's why there are season passes.

California Screamin' was a pleasant surprise for me. A launch coaster with 8 spots of air time and 3 spiral turns 2 going left and 1 going to the right , one loop ending with a superb finish. Most amazing unlike the Revolution at some other park which uses brakes after every single hill, California Screamin' doesn't stop until the end. A smooth relaxing ride fun for those meeting the height requirement!

This now earns Calfornia the title of the most top 15 rides the most I've awarded to any state (5). Sadly the number one all-time rollercoaster is closed, X and the only ride to beat X as of 2001 was  the Incredible Hulk. In 1999 Florida had the most top 15 rides which was 2. Move over Florida here comes California. As of 2002 X2 opened and is now the best operating rollercoaster I have been on.

Of course I think the above list will change after I have ridden:

Millennium Force (Ohio)
Son of Beast (Ohio)
The Boss

Knott's  Berry Farm's  Xcelerator is a good ride but does not make the top 100 all time rides. Knott's called a 62 second thrill ride. Well I only counted 8 seconds of high thrill and14 seconds  mild thrill.

I rode Goliath again and finally the brakes are not so hard. Six Flags has redeemed themselves, in part, for Goliath and, I have upgraded Goliath to be on the top 15 list. I knew Goliath had great potential and now by lessening the brakes, Goliath is now right up there above Deja Vu at number 8 moving Deja Vu to number 9.

X reopened as X2 Transformation. I went down to experience X2 and noted that the original X drop was gone forever. No longer do you get that extra push over the first hill which gave the rider an incredible amount of G's. X went from 4D to 5D, the only kind of it's type. So, what is the 5th dimension? Effects! Music, Sound, Lights and Fire! You still go up, down, forwards and backwards thanks to the ingenious design. Sadly the greatest rollercoaster thrill ride I have been on is closed forever.

Stealth 2000 is also closed and I was told that Stealth was the best flying coaster built of all before it closed. One rider, who had experienced X, said that that Stealth 2000 was even better than X. Too bad I missed this one as Tatsu is good but does not compare according the several riders who experienced Stealth 2000. Hopefully Stealth 2000 will make comeback as Stealth 2012. After all why not open the reported best thrill ride ever built in the same year all life is supposed to end. You know 12-21-2012! Just a suggestion.

If Mr Shapiro is reading this, could you consider building a fllying coaster like Stealth and call it, 2012 End of the World, with earth-shaking end of the world special effects, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.. This would be the world's first launch flying coaster with special effects. The beginning would launch like the Incredible Hulk. First drop of 500 feet would go through a tunnel, like Goliath but add thunder, lightning, fog and rain. Yes, you will get wet but you will also dry off in part before the ride is done. After 2 more drops in excess of 300 feet there is a double helix, like the Beast except going around and then into the center vortex of tornado and leave with an earth shaking launch effect that sends riders uphill like in Volcano the Blast Coaster followed by a fire and lava effect. This is followed by a spiral around the volcano which continues to shake. Then the ride goes underground for 1000 feet at over 100 miles per hour! While riders are on the drops the cars are flipping like X and X2. The cars are then locked into place for the high speed underground finish. The whole ride is accompanied  by an end of the world sound track. The over length of this would be a record-breaking 10,000 feet. Then put it in Six Flags Magic Mountain, Thank you!

Besides, shouldn't the best thrill rides be close to the ultimate roller coaster thrill seeker?

I experienced Terminator Salvation 2 tmes. On my third attempt to ride. I was told I could not ride because I had a wearable fanny pack. Tony told me that it was not secure and for my safety I needed to put it in the locker. The fanny pack was secure and went through by belt loop on my jeans. In fact, I later learned that Tony was pushing locker sales because the policy states that loose or secure articles are not allowed on the ride and werable fanny packs are more secure than pant or jacket pockets, yet some park officials recommed to place loose articles in a pocket. They obviously don;t know.

I went to file a complaint with guest services and a few hours later I was taken out of the line of Riddler's Revenge and detained by security and investigated for narcotic possession by the L.A. County Sheriff No arrest was made. Funny that out of the many times I have been to theme parks, in the hundreds, I have never had this happen. So, isn't it odd that the same day I file a complaint, I am also detained? Hmmm. Well security apologized and allowed me to pick any ride to get on right away. I chose X2 which had a wait of up to 2 hours. I lost about 2 hours total counting the wait on Terminator, the time to go to guest services to file a complaint, the time I waited on Riddler's Revenge as I was pulled out of the line for that and the time it took to clear me

Just a note to all readers. If you are ever unhappy at any park, be sure to go to guest services and file a complaint. You never want to make a scene or use profanity. In fact 2 other people were also told they could not ride Terminator and one of them got upset. I simply told the Host, Tony that I was going to file a complaint with guest services, which I did. By the way, I also made a suggestion to the park to start allowing  wearable fanny packs on Terminator Salvation and the park management is now considering that possibility.
X  The Best Rollercoaster of them All!
California Screamin': The Smoothest!