I am amazed at how silly some people are who sue theme parks for being bruised on a roller coaster. Certain "wild rides" called roller coasters can bruise, and induce pain to riders, hence that's what makes these rides wild. Other rides like the merry-go-round are smooth, calm and gentle. So why do people who experience pain after riding a roller coaster turn around and sue the park, even though the warning sign stated "turbelent ride"? Maybe it's because some people can't read or perhaps these people are just looking for a quick buck. I don't think it's an excuse to keep attorneys working.

For me, the best part of riding roller coasters isn't the day at the park, but the day after to see how many battle scars the roller coasters gave you. I wear mine proudly. My worst battle scar came from the Riverside Cyclone. The true enthusiast I am; not only did I limp back to the car but I kept on going on my roller coaster tour. The next day the pain was so bad I became dizzy, light-headed and came close to fainting and vomiting. This pain went on for 5 weeks before getting relief.  Once the limping stopped, I celebrated by taking a little 4 mile hike up Bowfinger Glacier Falls. I came close to falling off the slippery waterfalls and getting hurt again. Of course that kind of hurt would mean this web site would not be up as I would have fallen over 200 feet into a pit of very sharp rocks.

So for those who like to sue amusement parks for getting a bruise on a roller coaster, I'll say GET A JOB! Those who continue riding roller coasters with bruises and don't sue are all true roller coaster enthusiasts in my book. You're welcome to share your roller coaster battle scar stories with me. If the story is good, I'll put it on this web site with your permission of course.

In California, one park has tamed a number of rides. One called the Revolution, has brakes throughout the ride. In 4 instances the Revolution train is slowed down. When the train slows down, it loses momentum. Other rides like Viper, Psyclone and Collosus have suffered the same fate. What I call good rides gone bad. All of the above rides when they opened were excellent rides, then they brought in the dreaded brakes. Now we all get the pleasure of enjoying a different kind of pain, whiplash.