Extreme S.C.R.E.A.M. Team is now complete.... Please apply for waiting list.
Extreme Speed Coaster Record Enthusiasts And Maniacs Team

If you'd like to join the team and beat this world record you need to be in good physical shape, love rollercoasters and willing to follow a few basic rules and guidelines established by Guinness. For those rules, and guidelines, click here. We can only succeed with teamwork! So you have to be a team player.

Sane and normal people need not apply. Waiting list only.

Here is the current confirmed list of those taking the challenge. Note: If you're from out of the area, you are responsible getting to the event using your own funds which may include food, hotels, air fare etc..

David Turner, Male, Age 37
Garrett Turner, Male, Age 17
Sean Montgomery, Male, Age 17
T A Chafin, Male, Age 41
Bruce Prieur, Male, Age 33
Jeff Yocum, Male, Age 21
Reserved for sponsor.

To the future sponsor, the total trip cost is about $15-20,000 per day for full team and includes, travel, food, pain killers, cola etc.... Cheap advertising any takers? Especially if we make it, you may even become famous for believing in us.

I am also open to celebrity sponsor. (actor, singer etc...)

The current record for the most ridden in 24 hours is 40 details are as follows:

A team of seven people (Patricia M. Byron, Denise Lau Cortopassi, David A. Curley, David M. Escalante, John C. Green, Jr., John Sutherland, Steven Wilson) from the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE), Mission, Kansas, USA, rode on 40 different roller coasters at a total of eight different amusement parks from October 14-15, 2000.

The amusement parks, located in northern and southern California, were (in visit order): Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; Paramount's Great America; Six Flags Marine World; Scandia Amusement Park; Fountain Valley Family Fun Center; Knott's Berry Farm; Adventure City; Six Flags Magic Mountain. The participants were driven between the parks in two Ford Club Wagons. The record attempt began at 5 p.m. on October 14 and finished at 5 p.m. the following day. The rides ridden (in order) were: Giant Dipper, Sea Serpent, Hurricane (Santa Cruz); Demon, Green Slime Machine, Stealth, Top Gun, Greased Lightnin', Taxi Jam, Vortex, Invertigo, Grizzly (Paramounts); Medusa, Cobra, Boomerang, Kong, Roar, Road Runner Express (Six Flags Marine World); Scandia Screamer, Little Screamer (Scandia Family Fun Center); Dare Devil (Upland Family Fun Center); Ghostrider, Timberline Twister, Montezuma's Revenge, Jaguar, Boomerang (Knott's Berry Farm); Bumper to Bumper Freeway, Tree Top Riders (Adventure City Theme Park); Canyon Blaster, Revolution, Viper, Ninja, Superman the Ride, Gold Rusher, Psyclone, Riddler's Revenge, Batman the Ride, Colossus - backwards, Colossus - forwards, Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain).

I was greatly disappointed that this record was done by a few out-of-towners from Kansas. Shouldn't California residents be a part of this record too? I think so, especially since we know the area better.

First mistake: the venture started at 5:00 in the evening right in the middle of rush hour traffic, costing 1-2 hours time. Second mistake: they missed 7 coasters!  That's right the record could've been 47! So, to do this right, you need a native Californian to guide you through. This is why I am doing this.  If you wish to sponsor us, please email me. Thanks!

Here is the Coaster List (not in any particular order)
01 Treetop Racers
02 Bumper to Bumper Freeway
03 Westcoaster
04 Dare Devil
05 Little Screamer
06 Scandia Screamer
07 Windjammer (right side)
08 Windjammer (left side)
09 Timberline Twister
10 Boomerang
11 Montezuma's Revenge
12 Jaguar
13 Ghostrider
14 Colossus (forwards)
15 Colossus (backwards)
16 Goliath
17 Goliath Jr.
18 Deja Vu
19 X
20 Psyclone
21 Viper
22 Revolution
23 Ninja
24 Canyon Blaster
25 Superman the Ride
26 Batman the Ride
27 Riddler's Revenge
28 Rollercoaster (Redlands)
29 Flashback
30 Little Dipper
31 Desperado
32 Speed the Ride
33 High Roller
34 Manhattan Express
35 Lightning Bolt
36 Rollercoaster (Bay Area)
37 Rollercoaster (Sacramento)
38 Canyon Blaster (Nevada)
39 Rollercoaster (Nevada)
40 Giant Dipper
41 Techno Coaster
42 Rollercoaster (Fresno)
43 Medusa
44 Stealth
45 Cobra
46 Roar
47 Kong
48 V2: Vertical Velocity
49 Boomerang (Coast to Coaster)
50 Road Runner Express
51 Grizzly
52 Vortex
53 Greaz'd Lightning
54 Taxi Jam
55 Demon
56 Green Slime Machine
57 Top Gun
58 Invertigo
59 Space Mountain
60 Matterhorn (Tommorrowland)
61 Matterhorn (Fantasyland)
62 Big Thunder Railroad
63 California Screamin'
64 Go Gadget Coaster
65 Tornado
66 Sea Dragon
67 Sea Serpent
68 Big Dipper
69 Spellbreaker (right side)
70 Spellbreaker (left side)
71 Hurricane
72 Kiddie Coaster
73 Rollercoaster (Fountain Valley)
74 Rollercoaster (El Cajon)
24 rollercoasters are in San Francisco Area
43 rollercoasters are in Southern California (this by itself beats the record)
7 rollercoasters in Nevada

74 is the best case scenario!  Don't be surprised if we come to a few closed rides.

If you'd like to be on the waiting list for this event please email me

The proposed itinerary. I had to confirm that we could arrive at these places at these times after figuring the ride time in the parks before making this list. This is at best scenario, so we may need to eliminate a location in case we fall behind the rigorous schedule.

6:00 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
6:30 Paramount Great America
9:00 Six Flags Marine World
11:30 Funderland
1:00 Funderwoods
1:45 Rotary Kids Club
2:00 Blackbeards Family Fun Center
3:30 Stratosphere
3:45 Sahara
4:15 Circus, Circus
4:30 New York, New York
4:45 MGM Grand
5:30 Primadonna
7:00 Pharoah's Lost Kingdom
7:30 Scandia Park
7:45 Upland Family Fun Center
8:00 Castle Park
8:30 Disneyland
9:30 Knotts Berry Farm
10:30 Adventure City
10:45 Fountain Valley Family Fun Center
11:30 Legoland
12:30 Belmont Park
1:00 Frasiers Park
2:30 Pacific Park
3:00 Six Flags Magic Mountain
5:30 Done

I like to have 30 minutes to spare!
Note there will be no time to sleep in the first 24 hours

If we get ahead of schedule we will get on the Sky Coaster at MGM Grand.

I would like the sponsor to consider letting us set
48 hour record best case scenario 120 (46 Texas, Okla, New Mexico, Utah)
72 hour record best case scenario 161 (41 Missouri, Illinois, Minn., Ind., Kans.
96 hour record best case scenario 202 (41 Ohio, Mich., Penn.,)
One week record best case scenario 300 (Can't give it all away now)
Two week record best case scenario 500 (Yes, I am crazy)

It's been figured out and it can be done. 
Average amount of sleep, if we get sponsored on the full 14 days is about 3 hours per day.

Expect a few headaches, body aches, tiredness, sleep deprevation, etc... Eating will be minimal and as needed. Just enough to get us by.

We will also need a few goal monitors stationed to make sure we are on time. Video coverage will come from body and helmet cams.

I'd also consider a real time reality show to be aired on national TV as it happens, catching every piece of vomit that may be a flying across the video screen.