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Coasterking Completes the Most Extreme Rollercoaster Tour in the World!

In the heat of the summer of 1999, when temperatures soared to 114 degrees farenheit in one of the worst heatwaves in North America from June 21 - Sept 21, I, David Turner , AKA Coasterking travelled into two countries: USA & Canada. Purpose: to set the world record riding as many rollercoasters at various amusement parks as possible. I drove to each park using my 1982 Subaru DL Wagon with a starting mileage of over 256,000 miles! This is by far the craziest and most ambitious tour I have done in my life called: The Great American Rollercoaster Tour 1999.

Upon returning, I visited 130 parks and rode 411 rollercoasters, an unofficial world record. Unofficial because no one was crazy enough to do the whole tour with me! This web site contains reviews, in order of preference from top to bottom, of the best rollercoasters on this wildly extreme 13 week, 25,000 mile tour which included 48 United States and 4 Canadian provinces.

This site includes reviews of my favorite rollercoasters. There's also more information about me and the Subaru that made the amazing trip by clicking one of the above links. Finally, you will see pictures of  side trips that I took which  included: The Kennedy Space Center, Pikes Peak, Canadian Rockies, & more.

All rollercoasters are reviewed by me. The pictures however mostly come from other sites. Copyrights of each picture remain with those authors, which haven't been altered in anyway just resized. If you'd like to use material from this site, let the owner of the material know. Thanks!

Guinness has challenged me & some of you to break the world record riding the most rollercoasters in 24 hours which is 40. Too easy! For details on how to be a part of this great opportunity, click here
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Special Thanks to Barnes and Noble Online, I was able to get all of the books I needed for my rollercoaster tour.  One of these books which I used heavily and would highly recommend is  called The Amusement Park Guide by Tim O'Brien.
The purpose of this web site is to save steps for those who'd like to do a rollercoaster tour and know which rides are the best. You can use part or all of my  ItineraryNote: many hours were used in creating the itinerary, and so a credit and link back to this site would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I would like to thank the many, who have allowed me to use their pictures..... and Bonita Clark for helping clean up my images. Enjoy your stay here. Thank you and please return as I will add new stuff from time to time.

WARNING: Should you attempt this tour, do so at your own risk. I spent over 2 months recovering from the pain in my back and neck not to mention the extreme pain in my leg that lasted over 1 month from deadleg
Above: Jacques Cartier Bridge: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The odometer read 267,910.8 miles. Note: the California License Plate.
My 1982 Subaru DL Wagon at 268,590.6 miles with Superman: The Ride of Steel Hypercoaster at Six Flags Darien Lake, New York!
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Best Rides On Tour Below
Incredible Hulk
Raging Bull
Superman The Ride of Steel
Magnum XL 200
Dueling Dragons
Apollo's Chariot
The Beast
Shivering Timbers
The Mamba
Astroland Cyclone
Riverside Cyclone
Le Monstre
Top Gun: The Jet Coaster
Steel Force
Wild Thing
Riddler's Revenge
Volcano: The Blast Coaster
Invertigo/ Face Off/ Two Face
Mr. Freeze
Crazy Mouse
Rockin' Roller Coaster
Wild Wonder
Raging Wolf Bobs
The Raptor
Steel Phantom
Rollercoaster PNE
Giant Dipper
Blue Streak
Mighty Canadian Minebusters
Big Dipper
Twister II
Great White
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